Top Quality French Carp Fishing

NEW Lake Record caught on 26th. April 2017 at 76lb 15oz

120 -150 different carp of 40lb. or bigger inc. 50+ different 50lb. plus carp

and 14 different 60lb plus carp And 2 known 70lb plus carp.

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Customer Comment - a Carp Talk write up from Ian (ting tong) MacMillan

We did manage to enjoy my birthday before the ‘yam yams’ left, Clarkey had been very busy concocting Chinese flags plus a load of Tong masks which was a tad bizarre, he even managed to get my ugly mug on a cake, so we all enjoyed a good old slice of the Tong after tea, all washed down with a liberal splash of Kronenberg for good measure (it was going out of date and had to be drunk)…….ahem!!

We literally laughed our way through the week, and the fact the fishing was tough it didn’t deter our spirits one bit.

The weather did start to really pick up towards middle/end of the week with day temperatures up to mid-teens, the nights were still dropping chilly but I suspect the couple of weeks following us will do very, very well as the fish will be well and truly woken up and need of a big feed.  

Our time had drawn to an end but we’d had a brilliant week, we’d caught some mega fish and literally laughed and drunk our way all through the week, so much so that we’ve already booked for the autumn of 2014 as once the lake ‘greens’ up it’s like a different world here, and believe me it really is.

                                                  The gun was on fine form all week.

Hosts Keith, Jan & Sharon had welcomed us all with open arms and believe me you won’t eat better home cooked food in France than you will at Moorland, their hospitality is first class, and to that the continual weight gains of the fish, well you can see why we can’t wait to get back, just make sure when Keith starts chirping on about his running rigs simply change the subject, or alternatively turn the TV up……

Ting Tong.