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NEW Lake Record caught on 26th. April 2017 at 76lb 15oz

120 -150 different carp of 40lb. or bigger inc. 50+ different 50lb. plus carp

and 14 different 60lb plus carp And 2 known 70lb plus carp.

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It certainly seemed that our biomass reduction, by removing the poisson chats and big catfish, had helped to improve the growth rates and condition and the end of September 2014 was a session that i shall never forget. The following is taken from the record that I wrote at the time :-

          "Right, this is the full story of the capture of my new PB and new lake record.
About a month ago I had a call from my good friend Steve Cowell. He phoned to tell me that Nick Clayton couldn’t make the late September trip so there would be a space if I would like to join their party. As I hadn’t fished since 1st July and wouldn’t get another chance until November, I accepted with glee but then found that another lad wanted to come so I stepped down.
The lads wanted to take Jan, Sharon and I out for dinner so would be arriving on the Thursday and wanted to sample French cuisine in Burgundy. We booked Jan’s favourite restaurant "Au Coeur Fidele" and to say that we had a fantastic night out would be an understatement. Good food, good wine, great company and another surprise that the lad who should have been replacing Nick, couldn’t get the time off so I would be fishing after all.
Friday was spent putting reels on rods and tying rigs. Then the draw, which I had insisted that I wouldn’t take part in. I fancied “Dog-leg” because I didn’t want to be in Pampas or 1st Pontoon as there seemed to be a lot of fish present. I have done the “numbers game” in the past and prefer to let my customers have the going swims while I content myself with trying to tempt a couple of the bigger fish. I have long considered that the big carp might move away from the “shoal” and pick off items of food in the quieter areas of the lake. Dog-leg seemed to be offering one of those quieter areas.
           Anyway, as the draw took place the swims were chosen, 1st Pontoon, Pampas, Mistletoe, Boneyard, Oaks. This left just two anglers to choose. Stu chose Leaning Tree and Andy chose Royal Box. I had ended with my first choice without getting involved in the choosing.
           Saturday lunch time I baited up for everyone from the boat and also tipped 25kg of pellet and 5kg of Eclipse, Moorland Mix boilies on my RH spot. My intention was to fish this right through the week but to use my other two rods over a scattering of boilies from the throwing stick. I spent most of the afternoon watching for clues before deciding where to cast. Both rods then had about half a kilo scattered over them.
Sunday morning I topped up the patches with another hand full of bait and the afternoon produced my first take in the shape of a 37lb 5oz common.
           Monday passed without any signs in front of me but the late afternoon was spent setting up the amps, guitars etc for a small gig for the lads. My very good friend Pierre Signol, agreed to come over and (he truly is a fantastic guitarist) we played until about 1.30am when everyone staggered back to their bivvies and slept. I didn’t get to bed until gone 3 am and planned to cast out at first light. That didn’t happen lol. and with mist on the water I decided that breakfast would be soon enough.
          Tuesday morning was fairly quiet but around lunch time I started to see slight signs of bubbles and mud patches. Within a couple of hours my middle rod ripped off and a common of 41lb 10oz was the culprit.
With the baits back in place I was stood in Boneyard with Andy when I noticed a fish bubbling along a line just short of my initial heavy baiting patch. I spent the afternoon checking the area with binoculars and it appeared that the fish was returning to the spot again and again. I didn’t want to disturb it but when we returned from dinner there were no bubbles so I decided to place my RH rod on the spot for the night. After the lack of sleep the previous night i must have been in bed before 8pm I was fast asleep when the alarm let out a few bleeps and the bobbin hit the rod. I shot (well crawled at my age) out of bed to find the line tight and the bobbin held against the rod. As I bent to check it I heard the ping as the line came out of the clip and then a few clicks of the spool. “That’s hooked” I thought as I lifted the rod and sure enough the response was a steady plod from a good fish. Unfortunately there also came that horrible grating feeling but after several minutes of gently playing the fish while also watching my other rods, the grating stopped. “Must have just been weed” I thought but we found out the following day that it was actually a long length of broken mono so I count myself lucky that it came free.

Anyway, standing out in the lake, without a clue what time it was, and believe me, it was pitch black darkness, I was enjoying the solitude of being the only person aware of this battle. Eventually the fish did a “fly past” and I could see it was a proper lump in the dim filtered light of my headtorch. I began to shake as she powered off back to the middle of the lake before giving me another tantalising glimpse of what lay ahead, if my luck held. This time I tried to convince myself that it wasn’t as big as I had originally thought and that it was middle of the night hallucinations playing tricks on me. Off she went again before coming back past, but this time from right to left so that I could see the unmistakable left flank and the short row of scales that told me all I needed to know. “Jesus, that looks like The Half Lin” left my lips in a whisper and it finally sank in, this was followed by several “please don’t come offs.”

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