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NEW Lake Record caught on 26th. April 2017 at 76lb 15oz

120 -150 different carp of 40lb. or bigger inc. 41 + different 50lb. plus carp

and 6 different 60lb plus carp And 2 known 70lb plus carp.

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Read Ian MacMillans review of his last trip to Moorlands

On the fourth visit she went in the net and I peered in on my prize. Sure enough it was Half Lin, a fish that I first caught at 12lb in 2002/3 but now just a tad bigger.

As I looked down on this massive unit I must have uttered a gentle "Jesus" and a voice from Andy Don, on the opposite bank, said "it's a goodun then?" I replied with a "What on earth are you doing awake at this time of night?" Andy then informed me that it was only 9pm. Amazing!

I jammed the net handle in the reeds, climbed out and got one of my slings. I jumped back into the water, unhooked her, broke down the net and zipped her up in the sling. With that pegged in place I removed my rod, got out the scales and tripod and zeroed the other sling. With the “weigh sling” hanging from the scales to keep them switched on, I got back in and began to lift her out. I didn’t want to excite anyone yet including myself but I was confident she would be a sixty but would have looked a bit of a mug if she had been 59.12 or something short of my expectations.

I slid her onto the cradle and then out of the net. I then placed the zeroed sling behind her and gently eased her up and into it. I moved the tripod over the cradle and lifted the sling and its contents. After a bit of a struggle I managed to lift her onto the hook of the scales. For a moment the scales continued to read minus 3lb 2oz and during that short time I was thinking 62 or 63 would be likely. When the scales changed and the reading was 66lb 8oz I couldn’t believe my eyes. I lifted her off, the scales went back to minus 3.02, I lifted her back on and again it read 66.08. That was it then, a new PB by 7lb 8oz.

I placed her back in the water, tried, unsuccessfully, to recover my composure and called Andy from Boneyard and Steve Cowell from Pampas. Photos done, fish released, a couple of “yes!!!. and “oii oii’s!!!!”. Then came the realisation and reality began to set in. Without the invitation from these lads I wouldn’t even have been fishing. Also with the blessing from my gorgeous wife and daughter, it meant I was relieved of cooking duties and other chores for the week, this meant I would be able to concentrate on my fishing in the way I have. So a massive thank you to all of them plus a massive thanks for all the kind wishes from everyone.

Bait was Eclipse Moorland Mix, single 15mm bottom bait.

Hook was size 2 Solar 101 tied to a “D” with the shank whipped.

The hook was attached to Rig Marole Camo H2O fluoro in 15lb BS and the method was a 1.5 ounce lead on an Enterprise Snag Safe Run ring on Gardner Mirage main line fished very slack."

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