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NEW Lake Record caught on 26th. April 2017 at 76lb 15oz

120 -150 different carp of 40lb. or bigger inc. 50+ different 50lb. plus carp

and 14 different 60lb plus carp And 2 known 70lb plus carp.

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Chapter 13-Changing goalposts mid-stream

After a rest, while we took our summer holiday, the end of August saw the lake really turn on and the week of 29th August produced 130 fish. In fact, the carp were moving on to big beds of bait so fast that three anglers pooled their bait and shared one swim because they couldn't afford to put enough bait into three different swims. It produced so many fish that they resorted to fishing "shifts" with one fishing, one baiting and one sleeping.

All three ended with PB's and the total amount of boilies used (by all anglers) added up to over a quarter of a tonne.
       One other thing that became apparent was that the pellets, which had been so successful in previous years, completely stopped working. My own thought is that the pellet breaks down so quickly that there isn't the "food item" attraction for big carp that is generated by boilies. On top of that, the carp are so used to seeing our bait that it has become an accepted food source, for which they search.

Mid September saw our first proper rain and was a month of seeing numbers of big carp and rising weight gains. The excitement was also rising as we waited, with bated breath for our first seventy.

October brought some superb events which will remain as special memories but it also brought us two events which we will try to forget. I will deal with those first so that we can finish this chapter on a high rather than in a trough.
        The first was an angler who landed Cut-Tail at 66+, lifted her out of the lake and then left her laying in the dry cradle while he wandered off up the bank, about 100yds, to find his mate. Fortunately for us Alan was fishing opposite and saw that something was amiss. When he went round and found what had happened he was, understandably, livid and the angler was immediately asked to leave. Unfortunately it resulted in his mate also having to leave but we will never permit this kind of bad practise. That left us praying that Cut-Tail would recover quickly.
       The second was an angler who appeared at dinner in an, obviously, inebriated state. In fact he could barely stand, so we asked that he didn't fish until after breakfast the following morning and he agreed to this request. After everyone had returned to their swim Alan went round to check that the angler in question had returned safely to his bivvy. On arriving at the swim Alan found the angler in bed but his rods fishing and one of them with a fish attached and well into the southern arm. The angler was so inebriated he couldn't work out what he was supposed to be doing and wouldn't even get out of bed. In hind sight I think that he probably forgot to wind in before dinner. Anyway, this sort of thing will never be acceptable and he was also told to leave. Incidentally, the carp was a good forty but we unhooked her in the water and let her go.

Right, that's the bad bits done, so now to the good stuff.

       Simon and Tony are regular customers and Tony often catches numbers of fish, even when the fishing isn't at its best. This weather wasn't ideal and, as a result, the session was a difficult one with the fish playing hard to get and he moved twice in an attempt to find some feeding fish.

On 2nd October 2015 it all came together. Tony was playing, what appeared to be a very good fish which was really staying deep and pulling hard. When it eventually went into the net I immediately recognised her and also recognised that she was a fair bit bigger than when I had last seen her.

I kept my mouth shut about which fish it was but Tony's question "It's the Half Lin isn't it?" Gave the game away. Yes it was indeed the Half Lin but what would she weigh?

        It was a struggle for both of us to lift the sling up onto the scales and we stood and watched as they settled at 69lbs 12oz - Just four bloody ounces short. LOL.

        Still we had all of October still to go and, from the other big fish being caught they were all putting on at least 1lb per week. We waited to see her caught again with the certainty that she would be well into the seventies.