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Chapter 14 - November 2016

19th November 2016

As I type this it is the day after the 49th anniversary of my wedding to my beautiful wife. The season has ended and we are in the middle of numerous small repair/improvement jobs plus the constant leaf blowing to try to keep everything tidy. We are also in the middle of very early lambing with our small flock of mountain sheep so we have plenty to keep us occupied.

Anyway, three days ago I decided to put out some bait and fish over it to see if any of the carp were still feeding. The water temperature is holding at 8.5* so it looked reasonable. I boated out about 2kg over each spot and then cast onto those spots so that I could feel the lead down to make sure it wasn't landing in chod or very soft silt. I continue to use my favorite light leads on running rigs. That done it was a case of waiting and putting out fresh hook baits each morning.

Within 30mins of my first casts yesterday my right hand rod was away and I landed a small common which I transferred to the stock pond. A bit later the middle rod ripped off and I banked another common of 34lb 10oz. Now, because of its shape and head size, I'm pretty confident that this fish was from the spawning in 2012 which makes it just over 4 years old. 8lb plus per year makes the future for these young fish look very bright indeed.

My lovely wife had decided that she didn't want to go out for a meal last night and had bought a very nice bottle of champagne so that we could settle back and enjoy our anniversary. Now I should explain that we actually made our vows to each other at 3pm English time and that was the time that Jan had planned for our first sip of champagne. At about 45 minutes before the set time, the remote in my pocket set about trying to vibrate its way out through the seams of my trousers. My initial comment as I trotted the 10 yards to my rods was "Jesus that one's off to the moon". The instant that I picked up the rod I knew immediately that this was a different ball game. The fish played me, went wherever it wanted to go, stayed deep and showed absolutely no sign of panic. As it neared the net for the umpteenth time I heard Jan shout "you've got seven minutes". As it happens that was just long enough to net the fish and as she slid in the net I saw the tell tale scale pattern that allowed me to recognize her. Definitely one of the "A" team.

I weighed her, zipped her up in a recovery sling and lowered her into the deep water off of our deck in order to give me time to get my camera ready but, more importantly to join Jan for our toast to each other, bang on time for the "l do" moment all that time ago. With the first sip taken Jan then asked, "right, how big was she then?" My reply of "its Clover at 61lb 12oz" was met with a very genuine squeal of delight and another chink of glasses and a "well done love" which is what has always made my special captures even more special.

So there we have it, my rods didn't go back out last evening but, this morning I have added another 2kg over each spot and my hook baits are once again positioned and the traps are set. It seems that baited spots can work just as well in cold conditions as in warm but you do have to stick with them and not start spraying bait all round the swim. That just gives them free dinners anywhere they want to eat and doesn't bring them to your hook bait. I will continue to post and blog if any other worthy happenings happen.

I feel that I may have taken my eye off of the ball after the excitement of banking the sixty and should have at least put out some more bait that afternoon because I didn't have a bleep all day. However, I did put another couple of kg over each rod so was hoping for action today or tomorrow.

Well I don't believe it!!!

This morning I decided to put the rods out at first light. Put the right hand rod out and felt the lead down onto a nice firm landing. Put the middle rod out, same effect. Pukka!Took two casts with the left rod and that was the shortest cast, and as I was setting the bale arm I heard a "crack". Looked down and the bobbin on the middle rod was holding tight to the alarm. Initially I thought the wind had caught the line but the ticking clutch was a clue. Lifted into a solid and energetic carp and, after a short but strong fight a reasonable sized carp went into the net. Kneel down, get hold of the running lead, slide it up the line and cut the line when "whack" the right bobbin is bouncing against the alarm. Again I lift into another solid fight and eventually another, similar sized fish goes in the other net. Who says two nets are a waste of money?

Now I don't do brace shots and I certainly don't do 'waking' up my wife at silly o'clock on a Sunday morning to take fish photos so I just took a couple from my phone. Anyway the brace of mirrors went 43lbs 0oz and 44lbs 4oz. I'm more than happy with that. Oh and incidentally, all three spots have just had another 2kg on each.

All three rods recast and within 30 minutes I banked a 28.02 fully scaled.