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NEW Lake Record caught on 26th. April 2017 at 76lb 15oz

120 -150 different carp of 40lb. or bigger inc. 50+ different 50lb. plus carp

and 14 different 60lb plus carp And 2 known 70lb plus carp.

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Read Iain MacMillans review of his last trip to Moorlands

        Straight after breakfast the next batch of bait was being cooked up and I changed the chod rig over to the running rig, now it was just a matter of keeping the bait going in and keeping all three rods on the spot and hopefully more bites would come.

The rest of Thursday was quiet so the rods were wound in just before dinner and I then waded out to bait the spots. All three rods were on the spot straight after dinner after which the three of us had a little social with a couple of beers each before deciding to turn in early so we could be up again at first light. However, as we were folding the chairs up and making everything ready for the night ahead, my left hand rod ripped off.

I followed the routine we had done with every fish so far, pick the rod up and lean into the fish, slacken the clutch a little and pull on the chest waders. I then waded out into the lake with the rod in one hand and the net supported by the retaining sling in the other. When I'd reached just below waist level I then played the fish out. The fight was a slow plodding affair with the fish making three slow strong runs before hugging the bottom under the rod tip. It was probably around ten minutes before I finally managed to get the fish on the top, although the carp was not yet finished and it was a few more minutes before I slid the net under the fish.

Lisa and Jem asked if it was a good one, to which  I replied that I thought it was probably forty plus. As I'd never caught a forty pounder before I really wasn't used to catching fish of the size of the carp in Moorlands so couldn't make comparisons to many of the fish I'd caught in the past.

Before this week my P.b. for a Mirror was 37lb 2oz and my biggest Common was a mere 23lb so with what I had caught so far I really was in dream land. We followed the same procedure that we had used for all of the other fish that we had caught, bite the line, wrap the fish in the net and slide it into a retainer sling and secure it to a bank stick out in the lake whilst we make ready the scales, sling and cameras etc. We soon had the fish in the weigh sling and the scales confirmed I hadn't just broken the forty pound barrier for the first time but that I had smashed it with a 46lb 2oz Mirror.

My new personal best mirror weighing 46lb 2oz

Again, sleep was difficult to come by on Thursday night, what a trip we were having, two huge fully scaled mirrors, two personal best commons and a first forty pound personal best mirror for me and a first fifty pound personal best mirror for Jem. We had both had the best week ever. Friday was a very quiet day, the anglers for next week arrived and we spent part of the day telling them about what we had caught and from where and also how much bait we had used and how often we had baited up.

At the draw for swims after dinner on Friday it became apparent that all of the anglers wanted to get into either the swim I had fished, First Pontoon, or the swim opposite me, Pampas. The lad that came out first in the draw chose the First pontoon and popped round after dinner for a bit more information. Once he'd gone we celebrated the week with a final couple of beers and a bottle of wine. We went to bed actually hoping for a good nights' sleep as we had a long journey home the next day. The good nights' sleep was almost complete when at 4.45 a.m the middle rod burst into life for one final time. Although not in the same league as the big mirror it was, once again, a personal best Common weighing 34lb 9oz, my third P.b common of the week.  I didn't recast the rod as I still had two rods within 5 feet of the middle of the spot and with carp boshing out over the spot I thought there was still a chance of one final bite. However, night turned to day and although the carp were bubbling up and head and shouldering over the spot no more bites came.