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NEW Lake Record caught on 26th. April 2017 at 76lb 15oz

120 -150 different carp of 40lb. or bigger inc. 41 + different 50lb. plus carp

and 6 different 60lb plus carp And 2 known 70lb plus carp.

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At this point I began to wonder whether we needed to try to develop a bait that attracted this wealth of live food and use this approach to attract the carp. Easier said than done but I must admit to getting a few various baits, of all types, and testing them in the shallow margins. In all honesty I didn't find any that truly attracted the creatures of the lake bed.

In the midst of all this we had the pleasure to see Cut Tail banked again and this time she went 76lbs 15oz. That was a proper "WOW" moment and was the biggest carp that I'd ever seen caught. The fact that she came from my own lake was simply beyond my wildest dreams.

We have to admit that the weather had played its part in this, and several more, captures. Because of the fluctuations in temperature the carp had not spawned even as we went into mid May so each of them was carrying their best ever weights and giving the anglers longer to try to trip them up.

It was another great pleasure to see another of the carp that we were waiting for. Half Lin made a mistake at last and was banked at 74lbs 15oz. So now we had two different mid seventies!!!!

The middle week of May saw the fishing come good with the group of anglers banking 8 upper forties, 8 fifties and Half Lin again at 73lbs 10oz. Slightly down in weight but still looking good. One of the anglers within this group banked his first ever fifty........, and his second........, and his third and each time he improved his PB by a couple of pounds. Brilliant!

We also saw two commons just miss the 60lbs barrier by a whisker. Pipesmoker came out at 59lbs 2oz and Andy's at 59lbs 15oz. So close! "Andy's" is a very young fish, having been born in the lake, and I don't think we'll see the best of her for several years yet.

The weather had now settled and began to warm up. The carp spawned and still we didn't get any rain.

With spawning just about done, Alan and I decided to tidy up the dam wall between the main lake and stock pond. The willows had taken over and it was difficult to walk along so there was some careful pruning to be done. We didn't want to lose the effect of the hanging branches but we needed to cut away enough to be able to get better access.

We had only just started when I noticed a flank of a common which seemed to be laying on the dam. When I got to it it was laying in water but wouldn't have lasted long. I slid it back into the lake, guessing it to be a low thirty, and tried to work out how on earth it had got there. It became apparent that the swans had been climbing out over the mesh fence and had gradually snapped some of the strands of wire where the fence meets the posts. In fact, after they had climbed in (or out) the fence simply sprung back into place and looked undamaged.

However, as the fish had spawned along the willow roots the fence had folded back, allowing the fish to be pushed up behind the folded down section and the fence then stood back up and the fish was held in what's best described as a "retainer" between the slope of the dam and the fence. I remember thinking how lucky it was that we decided to trim the willows today. I didn't know just how lucky.

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