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NEW Lake Record caught on 26th. April 2017 at 76lb 15oz

120 -150 different carp of 40lb. or bigger inc. 41 + different 50lb. plus carp

and 6 different 60lb plus carp And 2 known 70lb plus carp.

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Read Iain MacMillans review of his last trip to Moorlands

We spent a wonderful holiday in Brittany with Sharon's kids so that they could experience the wonders of the rock pools as the Atlantic tides receded. Thoroughly enjoyable week and much needed relaxing.

As soon as we got back, in the light of the low water levels, I wanted to take advantage and wade large areas of the lake in order to check for snags. I'm pleased to say that none were found, nor was there any sign of weed re-growth but we did find several hard areas where the carp had completely cleared the silt and soft clay. It was also very obvious that there is now much, much less silt than when we bought the lake. It will be interesting to see just how much weed springs up next year.

The start of the second half of our season saw the patchy fishing continue and, whist the fish that were being caught looked in mint condition and seemed to be recovering well from spawning, I still had this nagging voice in my ear that was telling me to change the bait somehow. Over my 50 years of carp angling I have got to know a lot of anglers and several have become long term friends. They were now bending my ears about trying the baits that they were using because they "knew their bait would rinse our lake." I relented, decided to fish myself and to fish hard with each of the suggested baits for a week at a time. In short, some worked a bit but none of them tore the place apart and none seemed to offer any kind of real improvement.

Then, out of the blue comes my very good mate Iain Macmillan with his "Ting Tong Tours" group. 

If I'm honest I have to admit that I knew of most of the Dynamite baits but I had missed their release of "ComplexT". Iain was waxing lyrical about how good it was and with two double pickups within the first four hours I needed to take note. His group went on to bank 70 carp during their week and that included several forties, some fifties and Cut Tail at 71lbs 9oz. Very impressive!!!!!

The last part of the season continued with dry weather, low water levels and poor fishing. However, quite a few of the anglers that followed that week saw the results on ComplexT and made sure that they brought some with them and it proved to be, by far, the most successful bait right through to the end of the season with the final week producing another 39 fish.

As a fishery owner it would have been stupid of me not to do some testing but with very little time to actually fish, my testing was limited to dropping some of the baits into the margins. Just that little act began to prove the effectiveness of the bait as the small snails were immediately attracted to it and, within a very short space of time each bait had several sampling its flavour. With that in mind please think again about the olfactory senses that I mentioned earlier in the chapter.

As the season drew to a close we were also pumping out the stock pond in order to sell on the fish that it contained. I had estimated that it held 200 but, when we did eventually complete the removal we found just over 300 so we saw a couple of very happy and satisfied customers drive off with some stock fish with superb potential. Let's hope they live up to their parentage. 

Our next task was to, once again, cut down all of the reeds around the margins of the lake. At the risk of repeating myself, we do this so that each spring we see fresh green shoots and none of the old, broken stems. It also reduces the amount of material that the coots can use for nesting, gets rid of a lot of the vegetation that would otherwise rot down in the lake and gives any rats less cover so the the birds of prey can spot them more easily. Unfortunately I didn't quite manage to complete that exercise before we were due to go away to Antibes to celebrate our golden wedding anniversary so I spent the week walking along golden beaches with my wonderful wife whilst praying that the rain held off for just a bit longer. 

I will add that, during our week we managed to drive along the corniche to Cannes and Frejus as well as heading through Nice and into Monaco. I couldn't resist the chance to drive part of the F1 circuit so we took the road along in front of the marina, up through the tunnel, round the hair pin and up to Casino square. I know it was "the wrong way round" but it was good to see it again. We then headed across the border into Italy and stopped for a superb meal in Ventimiglia. Wonderful memories and Jan remains the girl of my dreams, even after 50 years of marriage.

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