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NEW Lake Record caught on 26th. April 2017 at 76lb 15oz

120 -150 different carp of 40lb. or bigger inc. 41 + different 50lb. plus carp

and 6 different 60lb plus carp And 2 known 70lb plus carp.

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Whilst this final few weeks were going on I had a few phone calls from Dynamite thanking me for my feedback and I could tell that there was some very interesting conversations still to come. My initial interest was to try to get a pro-forma account with them so that we could buy the ComplexT at a price close to the trade prices. That would then allow me to offer a price to our anglers which would be close to the normal shop price. My feelings were that we could get rid of some of the hassles involved with planning a foreign fishing trip. Imagine not needing to worry about ordering your bait for a specific delivery date so that you can make sure that you are there to receive it. Having to make sure that you have sufficient freezer space to keep it in good nick until you are ready to leave, carrying it in the car with all your gear and making sure that it's kept frozen during the journey. Every one of these is removed totally if you can pay for the bait when you settle your holiday balance as your bait will then be sitting in our freezer waiting for you to arrive. Simples!!!

It was beginning to make sense to me that we should try to negotiate a deal which would allow us to be able to offer competitive prices for the ComplexT boilies but to also include prices for the associated "bits". For instance, the pop ups, dips, paste, rehydration liquid, pellet etc. etc.

What I hadn't expected was Dave's next call that asked if I was interested in becoming a proper consultant for Dynamite. Does the pope wear a funny hat? Amazing that, at 69 years old someone wants me at last?

Anyway, the end to this little story is quite funny. Andrew asked me to send him some details for him to add to their site and for the media release so I sent off a couple of snaps including my 66lbs 8oz PB. He asked if I could send s photo of a fish that I had caught on ComplexT and, whilst I had caught a couple of forties, I hadn't taken any pics. My reply included my comment that I would give it a try but with winter setting in it might take a while. Someone must have been looking down on me because within a couple of hours of that conversation I was posing in front of the camera with a winter 55lbs 2oz mirror. I didn't change any of my normal terminal tackle and continued to fish slack lines on light running rigs, the only thing I changed was the bait and here is the blog and post that I used at the time:-

           "As most of you will know I found a group of fish yesterday whilst out in the boat. My plan was to wait until next week, when the weather is supposed to be milder, but the excitement was just too great. I finished strimming the reads first and then put the rods out, one close to yesterday's "huddle" spot, one about 10 yards away and one about 20 yards away. At lunch time I had a single bleep on the rod furthest from the spot, then a gap of 10 seconds or so, then another bleep, then a a gap and then a third bleep. With each bleep the bobbin slowly lifted about an inch until, after the three bleeps, it was fairly tight to the rod but nothing else moved. One more bleep was accompanied by a "ping" as the line came out of the clip and, at that point I lifted the rod. The resistance was immediately solid, proper solid, to the point where, with the rod bent right over, nothing moved. Then the rod tip lifted gently before slowly folding down towards whatever was creating the power. I promise you I started to shake at this point and then the fish made a path towards the lodge. There didn't appear to be any panic, just pure, solid determination and my reel slowly ticked as the spool turned. I admit that I was praying "please don't come off" and gradually I seemed to be gaining ground. I pulled up my boots and walked out into the lake with my landing net at the side of me and my first sight was a huge, top lobe of her tail. I already knew this was a goodun but that underlined it. The fight was probably about 20 minutes and I was really relieved to see her slide over the draw string. "Yep that's a lump." A quick call to Sharon saved Jan from getting muddy for the photos and, I'm sure you will agree that she's done me proud.

At 55lbs 2oz I am made up.

For the technically interested she was caught on a Dynamite ComplexT 15mm boilie, straight out of the bag but wrapped in tuff paste and with a small mesh bag of ComplexT pellets. No other freebies.

The rig was my standard Solar 101 size 2 tied as a whipped "D" rig on Rigmarole CamH2o fluoro hook link, 2oz running lead and slack lines."…………….

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