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NEW Lake Record caught on 26th. April 2017 at 76lb 15oz

120 -150 different carp of 40lb. or bigger inc. 50+ different 50lb. plus carp

and 14 different 60lb plus carp And 2 known 70lb plus carp.

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Chapter Three - All Part of the Dream

The following week our next group of customers arrived. Out went a fluoro pop up while they set up the bivvies and ten minutes later one of their Delkims went into melt down. After almost an hour long scrap a twenty seven pound mirror slid over the net.

The other amazing fact was that it was the same carp that had sat motionless one week earlier. What is it that would make a carp completely change its attitude to being hooked?

As the fishing continued through our first summer it became apparent that previous spawnings had been very successful and we were overstocked with double figure fish. We had already planned a “vidange” (emptying) for the autumn and would have no trouble getting rid of the unwanted carp.

I remained convinced that, with the fish sorted out, the bigger females would prosper and grow rapidly and to this end we had already stocked eight large catfish in an attempt to keep on top of the fry. In the meantime I decided to catch some of the smaller carp using a float rod and sat happily on the dam wall catching beautiful little fully scaled and zip linear mirrors. The most beautiful of these were placed in a stock tank for future use.

This was such a nice and relaxing situation that it became a regular morning ritual and one Wednesday morning I cast my two fairly hard split peas into the area of my two handfuls of freebies and sat back to await the bite. The next thing to attract my attention was a massive swirl of bubbles around my float and then the float drifted off to my left. The float never actually buried but moved steadily enough for me to realise that it just needed a firm strike to set the hook.

I swept the rod round to my right but actually it was only the butt of the rod that moved because the tip continued towards the left. It was obviously much larger than the targeted small carp and the only effect of the strike was to make the fish roll briefly at the surface and then encourage it to head straight up the centre of the lake. It did speed up slightly but never to the sort of pace that caused panic.

It just determinedly headed south and continued to do so. Luckily I had already set the clutch before casting out and had also wound on 100 yards of new ten pound line. However, the rod remained hooped over in full battle curve and the clutch of the reel maintained a monotonous tick while I simply held on to the rod and stared at the slowly spinning spool.

The excitement of hooking what was obviously a big carp gradually turned to realisation that nothing I did had any effect on this fish. It simply continued on its original bearing and at its original speed.

In horror I watched as the colour of the spool gradually changed as the shade from the backing line began to show through. The next ten yards or so were going to be crucial but still the fish continued on its way. Then, alongside the ticking of the spool, came the pinging noise as the knot travelled through each rod ring and still the fish continued relentlessly on. Suddenly it was gone.

The life in the rod died and it became just another stick of carbon and I felt almost as lifeless. I wound in to find that the hook link had parted so the good news was that the fish had only been left with a hook and very short piece of mono.

Then the questions began. Was it a catfish? No, I had seen it roll and knew it was a carp then so why question it now?

Was it foul hooked? Possibly but when it rolled it was the head that had been lifted so the hook was somewhere near the mouth.

How I wished that I had been using my three and a quarter pound test curve ESP rods. C’est la vie!

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