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NEW Lake Record caught on 26th. April 2017 at 76lb 15oz

120 -150 different carp of 40lb. or bigger inc. 50+ different 50lb. plus carp

and 14 different 60lb plus carp And 2 known 70lb plus carp.

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Chapter Seven - Progress Over the Years

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The spring of 2008 was bizarre to say the least. The temperature shot up from freezing to red hot over the course of one weekend and the fish immediately spawned. I had never seen anything quite like it and it completely destroyed all of the accepted theories about the water temperature needing to be at a certain level for a certain number of days.

After the success of the opening week when many personal best’s were broken, the following few weeks were poor. The weights of some of the known fish were good even after spawning but they hadn’t had their normal pre-spawning binge so hadn’t achieved their potential. However, as the year progressed the big fish seemed to gradually put on a small but regular amount of weight.

During the height of summer I again tried the large beds of maize and the carp seemed to be recognising the sound of the spod. I could pick a spot amongst the weed and start spodding out a large bucketful of soaked maize and the fish would invariably appear and start head and shouldering a few yards behind the spot almost as if they were waiting for me to stop before moving down onto the bait.

It was this apparent love of maize on their part that made me carry out some investigations into its benefits as a food source. Until this point I had regarded it as unsuitable but my investigations suggested differently. It would appear that many French fish farmers use maize almost exclusively as a dry feed for their carp and they achieve some fantastic growth rates.

I also got similar feed back from a couple of helpful English lake owners who had also found it to be very beneficial. I decided then and there that I would be feeding soaked maize throughout the winter in an attempt to get the carp to maintain their condition during the cold weather so that they were fit and ready to make the most of the influx of spring food as soon as it arrived.

The season produced some cracking fish and towards the autumn we began to see a few fish which were just suggesting that our hard work had not been wasted.

October was to see Robin Eden land an unrecognised common of 44lb 10oz. We searched through our photos and it didn’t appear to be any of the commons which had made forty plus previously so seemed to have come through from an upper thirty of 2007.

It was truly a fantastic fish and I just hoped that it would be a sign of things to come. I was to be proved right later the same month when two fish were caught by a group of three lads. In October 2007 both fish had been caught during October 2008 by the same three lads.

One, “The Half Linear” had been 36lb 8oz in 2007 but now had risen to 43lb 2oz and looked superb.

The other “Chunky” had been 38lb 12oz in 2007 and was now 45lb 4oz. both of these fish had managed over six and a half pounds in twelve months.

For the rest of the season I prayed for one of the known big girls, which had been forties at the drain down, to show up with similar weight gains but it wasn’t to be so we closed the season with great expectation for 2009.