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NEW Lake Record caught on 26th. April 2017 at 76lb 15oz

120 -150 different carp of 40lb. or bigger inc. 50+ different 50lb. plus carp

and 14 different 60lb plus carp And 2 known 70lb plus carp.

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Chapter Ten - Even More Learning Needed

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With the work to the main lake complete it was now time to reverse the procedure and pump the stock ponds empty and separate the large carp from the small ones so that we could keep the small carp to grow on in the stock pond.

The big surprise came with the numbers of carp under twenty pounds. We ended with around 150 “stockies” and most of them were absolute stunners, ranging from fully scaled mirrors, zip linears and deep, chunky commons.

Having carried out the last drain down in 2009 and only kept small numbers of very pretty small fish, from the thousands of fry that we found then, we knew that these “stockies” could only have been spawned during 2008 with maybe a handful from 2007.

Some of these fish were already 18lb plus so should be ready for moving back into the main lake during 2012.

We drastically reduced the numbers of catfish and only kept those of 60lb or bigger and we will immediately remove any small cats as they get caught over the course of the next few years, assuming, of course, that the fish that we have kept are of mixed sex and therefore able to breed.

Having seen the numbers of big perch and huge, wide-mouthed bass I made a decision to also segregate these two species. I had seen how quickly the perch could produce massive numbers of fry and I was concerned that the bass would gorge themselves on these rather than searching out any future fry from the carp, catfish or even poisson-chat.

The perch were therefore left in the stock pond while the bass were moved back into the main lake. I know, from my enquiries, that bass do indeed eat the small poisson chats so they are a huge benefit to the balance of the lake and just the total numbers of big bass that we discovered should devour anything that wriggles.

We didn’t have the chance to count them in detail but estimates from everyone involved suggested that we have close to a thousand of them as our main predator base with some of them over 7lb in weight.

Not bad from forty-nine 3” fish stocked in February 2005.

With the fish all sorted and moved back into their permanent homes we now have the opportunity to fish for the big carp in a lake with an average weight of 37lb 9oz.

We also have the chance to tackle some big catfish while fishing for the carp or we can put a spinner, plug or even nymph, for some very hard fighting, big bass.

On the other hand the stock pond also offers the chance, “by invitation only”, to fish for perch to well over 3lb or for me to be able to sit with my young grandson and teach him how to fish for carp, and five tench, of the size that he will be able to handle.

As I write this it is 17th December 2011 and the main feeder stream has come back to life so the forest springs are running again and the lake is filling nicely.

It is already above the levels that we saw for the last week of the 2011 season and I have opened the valve in the pipe under the new dam so the water is already filling the stock pond. With the amount of water flowing in through the southern arm marsh area the lake will be totally full by Christmas and our stock pond should also be full.

All in all 2011 has proven to be a very mixed bag for all of us. If I had to summarise it I would have to say that I have been pleased with the angling results as a whole but disappointed with the top weights but on a personal, family side of things it has been a year to forget.

My targets are now to produce our first ever 60lb plus carp and to get the lake average weight above 40lb.

Watch this space and let’s hope it happens in 2012.